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Guidance and Counselling

Guidance and counseling is defined as a planned and organized work aimed at assisting the trainee to understand himself and his abilities and develop his potentialities in order to solve his problems and achieve psychological , social ,educational and professional compatibility, and also to achieve his objectives within the framework of Islamic teachings. Guidance and counseling compliant each other though there are some differences.

Guidance is a group of planned services that include counseling. It provides the trainee with miscellaneous information to upgrade his feeling of responsibility, understand himself and know his abilities and provide guidance services to trainees.

Counseling on the other hand is the procedural aspect of guidance , it is therefore the interaction that comes as a result of the vocational relationship between a specialized counselor and his student where the counselor assists the student to understand himself and his abilities and talents to achieve self and environmental compatibility in order to attain the degree of mental health in light of the techniques and specialized skills of the guidance process.

Thus, the concept of guidance and counsel ling reflect a common meaning that includes awareness, assistance and change of behavior to the better.

Difference between Guidance and Counseling

Intellectual attitudes are the raw material of guidance. Decision making is operable at an intellectual level in guidance. It is generally education and carrier related and may also be for personal problems.

Counseling rather than pure intellectual attitude are raw material of this process. It operates at an emotional level. It is generally offered for personal and social issues.